Wow it has been a while

Hello digital thralls. It has certainly been a while since we've posted one of these things. We have been busy, as have you I hope.

October was full of excitement as I traveled out to LA for Indiecade and Reed held down the fort back in NY. Halloween was fantastic as we showed at Playcrafting's Halloween Expo--I ate way too much chocolate and we got some of the best reactions we've yet had to people playing _transfer.

We had a fun showing in New York at Gaymer X's first ever East Coast show in November. We made several new friends and saw a bunch of old ones there. That was our last event for the year and as we pivot into December we have a few little announcements to make! Development is coming along and we're still looking for faces to be in the game. If you'd like, send us ~10 seconds of footage shot from a webcam and it'll be in a video sequence in _transfer. In our efforts to make development more seamless, we're working on a tool to help us get text into the game easier, and I'm planning on releasing the code once it's done so look for that in the (hopefully) not too distant future. Lastly, because reasons, we're changing our name. This won't affect you at all, but from here on out we are Abyssal Uncreations. This will help us be more recognizable, both to you humans as well as the robots that scan the internet.

Happy December, and see you in the pit.