A blinking light in the dark--a dim sound of buzzing and whirring--

"Is there anybody out there?" the computer asks.

"Yes," you respond.

"Who are you?" the computer asks.

You do not remember.

Abyssal Uncreations' debut project.

A game about computers, memory and identity. Use a DOS-like interface to interact with others in the network to reconstruct the past before it repeats itself.

Transfer is a wonderful exercise in role-playing... It’s somber and captivating, with strong writing that made me wonder exactly what it would be like to float in the void of cyberspace.”
— Heather Alexandra, Kotaku
“dark, fashioned only with unnerving sounds and dimly lit text...is the world of transfer
— Amber Knox, Killscreen
“haunting, disorienting, and really intriguing”
— Miss N., FemHype
“....no one gives a straight answer as to who they are, and viewing this through the lens of an old PC interface reflects on the disconnect between how you’re interacting with them...”
— Mark Carr, Indie Game Searchlight
“The minimalist graphics and the soft, eerie music only enhance the isolation and the ambiguity of our existence. There are no faces to see and no tone of voice that you can interpret. You have no idea if what you say will have an adverse effect on your interactions with these emotionless AIs.”
— Renee Lopez, Geek Girl Authority

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